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Adult Fleet


Flying Scot

This 19-foot Sloop performs like a dinghy but holds many of the keelboat characteristics most adult sailors prefer.  An extremely stable and durable boat which forms the backbone of our adult classes and the LNCS Pass Program.


The Sunfish is one of the most popular sailboat designs ever made. Its ease of use and simplicity make it the most accessible option for anyone, youth or adult, looking to develop their new-found passion. Due to its smaller size, proximity to the water and tendency to capsize, excellent swimming skills are required. This boat is used in the LNCS Pass Program as well as adult and youth Learn to Sail classes.


Hunter 25.5

We have a Hunter 26, "MacKenBri", available to those Pass Holders who go through an orientation and have purchased a Keelboat Pass. MacKenBri is located at King's Point Marina and is great for a family or a group of friends.

We have a Catalina 22 that is excellent for first time keelboaters. The Catalina is also used in our ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification Class.