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Skipper Checkout

For those Pass Holders who already know how to sail or who have completed their Learn to Sail class, we have a skipper checkout sail on a Flying Scot to make sure you are comfortable handling the boat. Once you have purchased your pass and completed your skipper checkout, you are free to check out boats during unsupervised times (Open Sailing).

All sailors wishing to skipper any of our boats must first pass the skipper checkout on a Flying Scot. Subsequently, a separate skipper checkout and/or orientation is required for each type of sailboat, mostly so you know how to rig, de-rig and properly care for the boats. For example, i
f you are interested in checking out our keelboat, Pass Holders who have purchased a supplementary Keelboat Pass and passed the checkout on a Flying Scot can sign up for any of our orientation sessions to be qualified to check out a keelboat.

Skipper checkouts will include review of procedures, policies and local regulations, as well as rigging and demonstration of sailing capabilities. 

The Flying Scot skipper checkout is conducted during a Social Sail on Wednesday evenings at 4:30pm or Saturday mornings at 9:00am (times may vary) and is for LNCS purposes only. The certification does not transfer.

To schedule a checkout on the Flying Scot, just call the Center at 704-947-7245 or use the link below to sign up for a Social Sail and make a note that you would like a skipper check out.

Skipper checkouts are for Pass Holders, only.

Click here to sign up for a social sail and/or get checked out