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Social Sailing

Social Sailing - Racing Format



Social Sail Times: Wednesday at 4:30pm, Saturday Time Varies
*Social sail times may vary throughout the year.

Click here for the Social Sail signup sheet and to verify times.

Social Sailing is a structured sailing activity run primarily by Member participants for adult Members and is a perfect follow-up to Learn to Sail classes.  We also use Social Sails as a way to show guests of Members what LNCS is all about. Social Sails are set up in a racing format to maximize fun and learning. No racing experience is necessary. This is a very popular format.  

In Social Sailing, the emphasis is always on learning and having fun, and allows sailors to develop specific skills that are critical sailing skills needed for racing and cruising alike:

  • Sailing upwind and downwind
  • Rounding marks
  • Decelerating and accelerating
  • Boat speed
  • Boat handling.

Social Sailing is open to all adult Members, both brand new to sailing and more experienced. Guests of Members who are qualified skippers can come to a Social Sail one time to check us out. There is a limit of two guests total at Social Sail. There is always a classroom brief to review the weather; certain drills are introduced/practiced; newer sailors are matched up with more experienced sailors and are afforded plenty of opportunity to build their skills and confidence.  The Flying Scot works best with two people on it; guests should be prepared to be broken up if they come as a couple.

Skipper checkouts (Members, only) also happen during Social Sail. If you need a skipper checkout please make sure you sign up.


Click here for Social Sail signup sheet, dates and verify start times