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Open Sailing

Open Sailing: Sometimes people want to just go sailing. No structure. No brief. No large group. Just a couple people going out and sailing. This is Open Sailing.

Boats: Flying Scots and Sunfish are available to qualified (checked out) Members seven days a week, sunrise to sunset, first come-first served.

Equipment Check out Process is easy and is explained to you when you purchase a membership. The office does not even have to be open for you to check out a boat, or any equipment for that matter.

Kids: Any child under the age of 18 that is under a Family Membership must be accompanied on the water by a parent or adult guardian.

The Hunter 25.5 is also available for Open Sailing. Upon purchasing a supplementary Keelboat Membership, Members may reserve the Hunter.


  • Skipper check-out on a Flying Scot
  • Purchase membership
  • Purchase Keelboat Membership (if applicable)
  • Check-out/Orientation on Keelboat (if applicable)