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Keelboat Program for Members

Since the addition of the 1984 Hunter 25.5 to our fleet we have expanded our class offerings and Member sailing opportunities. The Hunter came to us through our boat donation program. 


                "MacKenBri" - Hunter 25.5                                                

Keelboat activities include:
  • Checkouts / Orientation prior to use 
  • Member use of the keelboat, based on knowledge and skill qualification
  • Seminars and on-board training to enhance Member Skills
  • Organization of keelboat charters - day trips, weekends and week long
  • Sunset Sails with a captain - Call the office at (704) 947-7245 to schedule

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information about this program, please send an email to [email protected] with your name, email address, phone number, and a brief outline of your sailing experience (e.g. skipper on Flying Scot, keelboat certification/skipper, charter experience). Even if you have never sailed on a keelboat, there will be opportunities to crew and learn keelboat skills. Those with more advanced skills will be able to check out the Hunter for sailing weekday afternoons, half/full days on weekends, after a briefing and skills check.

A modest recommended donation to support the program and maintenance will be outlined in program details, along with wind, weather and sailing area limits.

If you are not yet a Member and would like to take advantage of our keelboat program, you can click on the button below to purchase your Membership and get started!