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The Sunfish is one of the most popular sailboats ever made. Its ease of use and simplicity make it the most accessible option for anyone, youth or adult, looking to develop their new-found passion. This boat is used by LNCS members as well as adult and youth classes and camps. Capsizing is part of the fun with these small boats.


This class sailboat was designed specifically for high-school and collegiate sailing. It’s rounded planing hull make it a fast and versatile racing dinghy. This boat is used as a stepping stone for youth sailors wanting to take their skills to the next level. These boats are reserved for the youth sailing classes and competitive programs.

Optimist Dinghy

Originally designed in 1947, the Optimist Dinghy has become the world standard as both the introductory junior trainer and a premier one design racing class. It is the only sailboat designed specifically for children allowing them to learn the essentials of sailing without danger or fear. The Opti is safe and stable. Its simplicity makes it ideal as a sailing school boat. The stability of the boat comes from its hard chine design and small sail area. This gives the boat high initial stability. Being very resistant to capsize is a big plus. Kids love the Opti because they feel that it won’t tip over on them. These boats are reserved for the youth sailing classes.